Friday, June 4, 2010

24 weeks old - 6 month

Williams profile... He looks so cute!

Here is Williams Head. See his cute little nose.

Here are his 2 little feet. It looks like his legs are crossed. :)

This is a 3-d image of William. It looks like an Alien baby, but you can kinda tell that its a baby.

Here is a picture of his leg - you can see his knee, shin, and foot. It looks like its a huge leg, but it's just the magnification. But he does have nice legs.

You can still tell its a boy! It is very obvious that it's a BOY!!! He is spread eagle - very happy to be a boy. I think its totally cute! Its going to be so fun to have a little boy.

Here are the 4 Chambers of Williams Heart. We could see it beating, with the valves moving and the chambers pumping. It was super cool!

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